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Let’s start with hiring. How are you using for that?

How’s the rest of your experience been?

Can you share more about the value you get from

  1. Hiring for my team — We’ve spoken about that already.
  2. Business partnership — When I’m looking for partnerships, I don’t have to go out and pitch. I throw out an idea on the app, and I know it will land in a good audience. The people who get back to me are the people who are interested, and we’ll have fruitful conversations. Just last Saturday I met someone from Dubai who has introduced me to her boss, and we’re planning a partnership now. It was such a great interaction! She asked what I did; I asked what she did; and then we were both just like this: well, why don’t we do this?! We’re chatting again in two days to take this forward.
  3. Getting speakers for courses — Given the kind of work I do, I reach out to a lot of people because we’re always looking for speakers for courses. Several people on leap have shown an interest in this, and three have said, ‘hey, if you need speakers, I’d love to get on board.’ This kind of things saves me so much time!
  4. Getting involved in councils and other community initiatives — I’ve started my own clubhouse on leap (it’s called ‘content & culture’), and we already had our first get-together. I’m really excited about it! Over and above that, I’ve also been looped into councils and discussions outside of leap. I’ve joined WICCI’s social media council, for example, after Sreyoshi Maitra posted about it on the app. I love the fact that I’m getting access to these initiatives.
  5. Meeting new people — For me, this is the greatest part! I found a space where I enjoy connecting with people — more than I thought I would. It’s worked out so well! Sometimes I would get caught up and cancel leap chats that I have scheduled. But then eventually, when I do connect with them, I wish I had done so earlier. So over time, I’ve learned to make leap something I prioritise. The interactions are valuable to me in all kinds of ways. At some point, I was quite ill with Covid so I couldn’t participate beyond scrolling through the feed. Even then I followed two conversations that resonated with me so much. I couldn’t join the huddle, but I got what I needed from that. I felt: ‘Oh, there are people who are going through similar stuff. This is a thing.’
    Another member — someone I had just met on the app—was following up with me while I was ill. She even offered help with groceries. It was something so unexpected and I greatly appreciated it.”



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