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3 min readSep 2, 2022

sharing tips, insights and recommendations is a big part of how our members spend their time here in the leap.club community, and reading recommendations are no exception. we recently started a thread on the feed asking about members’ best reads, and we were pleasantly surprised at the vast and diverse suggestions that poured in! so good, we thought it’d be a shame if they’re missed, so here you go: the leap.club community’s top reading recommendations this month 📚


girl, woman, other

written by bernardine evaristo and recommended by tanvi, runam, shikha, rashi and rachna — this book talks about stories of womanhood through the eyes of women of colour in britain. poignant, thoughtful and vibrant!

the silent patient

tragedy, mystery and murder — this psychological thriller with unexpected twists comes highly recommended by deepshikha, who says it’s one of the best she’s read! written by alex michaelides.

the book thief

written by markus zusak and recommended by sakshi. this story is set in 1939, in war-ridden nazi germany. written from the perspective of “death”, this book opens up world war ii from the eyes of a german child who falls in love with reading. with unique and powerful storytelling, this one’s a crowd favourite!

conversations with friends

made up of moments of humanity, of vulnerability and tenderness — ayesha recommends this book and says it’s like looking into a mirror — “young people complicating everything”! an unexpected & heartfelt read by sally rooney.

a man called ove

raved about by sindhu and rashi, this book follows the story of the grumpy (yet lovable) man ove who finds his solitary world turned on its head as a boisterous family moves in next door. an international bestseller by fredrik backman!


atomic habits

famous, renowned, and highly recommended! the community has discussed this book at length, for months. atomic habits offers frameworks for improving every day. james clear dives deep into how to form good habits, break bad ones and master tiny behaviours that lead to big impact!


highly acclaimed worldwide; suman, neha and swati recommend this for the perspective it brings — how our species battled for dominance, building kingdoms and cities and forming societies. quite literally a brief history of humankind by yuval noah harari!

the gifts of imperfection

recommended by sakshi, this new york times bestseller by dr brené brown talks of 10 guideposts to wholehearted living, and engaging with the world from a “place of worthiness”.

the upside of uncertainty

if you’re keen on learning from world renowned leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists and creatives, this science-backed guide for navigating through and thriving in uncertainty is for you. recommended by faye remedios, written by nathan furr & susannah harmon furr!

alpha girls

written by julian guthrie and recommended by neha tyagi — the unforgettable story of four women who become stars in the high-stakes, male-dominated world of venture capital in silicon valley. the story of 4 women who were written out of history.

and finally, one unique special mention:

the dictionary of obscure sorrows

another new york times bestseller, this strikingly original book recommended by niviya vas is where john koenig explores the language of emotion. “it provides such comfort, this book, because you realise that you aren’t alone in going through the many weird, unnamed feelings”, she says. by creating beautiful new words, he fills the gap between known emotions and ineffable feelings we experience but haven’t yet termed.

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