no more moderation | changes to our feed
2 min readNov 3, 2022

we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve made changes to the feed! take a look at what’s new:

✋ no moderation: this is a big one, and one we thought about a lot! based on our learnings and member suggestions, we’re moving away from a moderated feed to allow members to post freely. with time, we’ll optimise this for content that’s liked by the community (through likes and comments as a reflection of the engagement). we always want the feed to be relevant, engaging and have quality discussions — so with this change, our members play an (even more) important role in posting and appreciating content that adds value.

we introduced 3 more features:

👌 ‘handpicked’ posts: popular posts based on engagement along with posts by cxo’s. we want to ensure you don’t miss out on trending discussions or posts from our top members! who’s a cxo? read here.

🔁 ‘quote’ for you to repost another member’s post by adding your thoughts on it and keep the conversations going — just like twitter!

🔕 you can now curate your feed by muting the content you don’t enjoy. mute a member either for 30 days or more to stop seeing their posts on the feed.

with this, here are some house rules to keep in mind:

celebrate the posts you love by liking, commenting and quoting! help our algorithm pick up on what makes for ‘good’ content.

✅ post the content you’d like to read.

post in the relevant clubhouse instead of the feed for a specific theme/topic — use the feed only for posts that would be relevant for most members. click here to read more about clubhouses.

✅ only use the ‘jobs board’ clubhouse for all hiring-related posts.

✅ build your personal brand but be mindful of what you post. sharing social media links for engagement is a strict no-no.

so go on then; browse the feed and continue to engage meaningfully!