Exec Coaching 101

2 min readDec 2, 2020

And why it is a superpower.

So we recently came across this tweet that really captured the pulse of what coaching really is, and isn’t :

Coaching is not therapy. Therapy is for the injured. Coaching is so that you don’t get injured.

And couldn’t have thought of a better way to capture it, to be honest.

Last month at leap.club, we introduced 1:1 coaching and received 120+ chemistry session requests by 90+ members and 50+ members have begun their coaching journey with 40+ coaches already.

The one question we get from most of our members is what coaching is really about and how does one pick a coach when there’s a selection of 60 to choose from.

So here is our Coaching 101 :

  • Chemistry sessions are a good way to get to know if the coach is the right fit for you.
  • To pick coaches for the chemistry session, an easy way to start is by picking your goals/priorities from the app and browsing through the available coaches and tapping on the ‘free chemistry session’ button on the coach profile of your choice.
  • Remember to be honest during the session. If you’re unable to confide in the coach easily, then the coach may not be for you.
  • Articulate your professional needs: even if it’s as simple as wanting help/ direction in identifying those professional needs (making notes will go a long way)
  • The best person to ask all your doubts about coaching? The coach !
  • Once the chemistry session is over, take some time to introspect and assess your comfort level with the coach — compatibility is everything!
  • Remember that the impact of the coaching session is the clearest immediately after the chemistry session and this could be the key to picking the coach for long term.
  • All coaches on the platform are trusted recommendations. Choosing one doesn’t mean the others were unsuitable, it just means you went with the one who at that subjective point in time felt like the best fit for you.
  • The number of sessions and their frequency is entirely up to you and the coach. Trust the process.

Look at coaching as a long term investment, it’ll give you perspective with how to time the coaching sessions and how many to take, too!

At leap.club, we believe coaching to be a superpower and have thus launched a managed marketplace of 60+ of India’s top coaches and trainers. We have seen the catalytic impact coaching can have and it most definitely isn’t a well-kept secret for the CEOs and CXOs, anymore.

Here is an interesting read by our co-founder Anand on his experience with coaching — https://leap.substack.com/p/exec-coaching-my-experience-after