cracking a job interview with the help of members


Written by Helené van Tonder

I recently asked Divya Penumetsa about her experience as a member, and the kinds of interactions she’s having with other members. She has such a cool story. 🙃 Shortly after she joined, she had an interview lined up at a big consulting firm. She posted about it on the feed, got some solid help from members, and landed the job!

Below are some transcribed snippets from our conversation.

Tell me about your interview! How did it happen?

A recruiter called me and they said they wanted to have an interview within 3–4 days. That’s really short notice! It was also my first time doing case interviews, so I was a little nervous.

I made a post on the leap feed asking if anyone has any help to offer, and I got connected with Shefta Nanda and Preeti Kaushal. Shefta is the HR Director at Adidas and Preeti is a partner at Accenture. I had 30–45 minute calls with both of them which were incredibly helpful. I couldn’t believe that women of this calibre were helping me prep for my interview!

Shefta gave me input on how to structure my answers, and also some general tips from an HR point of view. Preeti pointed out which parts of my CV I should highlight, and what she would look for if she was hiring for a position like the one I was interviewing for.

I took loads of notes and typed it all up in Notion. My answers became so clear. I had crisp three-liner answers for every damn question. In consulting, being articulate and concise matters a lot because you work so much on the client-side.

The interview went great! I wasn’t fumbling, there was not a single question I wasn’t prepared for. I got the job! And it was a lot of fun getting there.

Networking is one of the main reasons I decided to join leap, and my experience has been great. It’s so easy to get to the right people and have great interactions!