Written by Helené van Tonder

My journey with leap.club started in November 2020. I initially joined as a (very enthused) member and became a part of the founding team a few months later.

My initial enthusiasm has not waned one bit! If anything, it has deepened.

For the last few years, I’ve actively been searching for a community of professional women. But I was always left disappointed, feeling that either the issue of gender equality was superficially understood, or that business and organisational savvy was lacking.

Not so with leap.club. From the outset, I could sense that they’re playing in…

Megha Agarwal is a lawyer and leap.club member.

One month before my 26th birthday I felt a lump in my breast while showering. I didn’t think much of it right away, but by the end of the day I started feeling concerned. I went to our family doctor for a physical examination. She said it was probably just a period-related fibroid that would soon go away. I was on my way out when she called me back and said: ‘megha, let’s do a sonography to be safe.’

That moment is the reason I tag myself as a cancer survivor and…

Written by Vishwani Marwah

I joined leap.club on October 19th, 2020 in one of the many pivots I have taken in my career. TLDR — I have been an entrepreneur, a restaurateur, a content writer to now building a robust platform where f̶e̶m̶a̶l̶e̶ leaders come together to help each other grow. The best part? I’ve only ever built with women.

And now, I’m building for them.

My favorite part of working here is the feeling of belonging to something big, powerful, and influential. It’s so gratifying to engage with members, get feedback first hand and most importantly, having colleagues within…

Written by Helené van Tonder

For Neha Arora, leap.club has become the proverbial Swiss army knife — an essential tool for getting all kinds of things done: hiring for her team, getting speakers for the courses she builds, establishing business partnerships, growing her network, and participating in various community initiatives (inside and outside of leap.club).

Neha has a background in media & entertainment and, among other things, spent three years at Disney+ Hotstar. She is currently with Upgrad where she leads the consumer acquisitions division.

While talking to Neha, I had that feeling that has become so familiar to me…

Written by Helené van Tonder

This week I had such a fun superconnect with Vasudha Seetharaman! I called her up to chat about… well… superconnects.

Over the last few months, I’ve had numerous inspiring, informative, interesting, and fun conversations with leap.club members. These conversations are literally changing my life one by one. The changes attributed to each conversation are mostly small, but because I’m having them regularly, they’re starting to add up!

I wanted to find out if other leap.club members are having a similar experience. It seems…[🥁 drum roll 🥁]… they are! 🤩

Below are some transcribed snippets from…

Shreya Jain is the founder of Reservoir — a digital platform that makes quality resources accessible to people with neurological differences like autism, ADHD, dyslexia and down’s syndrome. This is her story.

Written by Helené van Tonder

“When he was 2½ years old, my younger brother, Suvrat, came down with a fever. That’s when we started noticing some changes. He was more aloof, he wasn’t interacting with people as much, and his speech was deteriorating. My mom said: ‘I think this is a little more than just a child recovering from fever. This is something else.’ She was worried and…

Written by Helené van Tonder

As a leap.club member, you’re probably familiar with clubhouses — the feature that allows members to form micro-communities around shared interests and passions. Clubhouses have become our favourite part of leap.club, and many seem to share this opinion. They’re buzzing with activity!

A couple of fellow clubhouse-enthusiasts have been kind enough to collaborate with us on this article. What follows below is their take on some of the clubhouse events they attended last weekend. (Yes, all of the events you’ll read about below happened on one weekend!) …

Written by Helené van Tonder

People often ask me how they can make the most of their leap.club experience. This story is about someone who’s great at that — Anuradha Eswaran!

In the last few months, Anuradha has attended several masterclasses, started working with a coach, and sent 22 superconnect requests! She’s also an active participant in many clubhouses, frequently joins in for huddles, and runs her own clubhouse called “scaling climate impact.”

So I’ll leave it over to her to teach you how it’s done. 🙂 Below are transcribed snippets from our conversation.

Tell me about your leap.club experience :)

I have interacted with so many…

Written by Helené van Tonder

I recently asked Divya Penumetsa about her experience as a leap.club member, and the kinds of interactions she’s having with other members. She has such a cool story. 🙃 Shortly after she joined leap.club, she had an interview lined up at a big consulting firm. She posted about it on the feed, got some solid help from members, and landed the job!

Below are some transcribed snippets from our conversation.

Tell me about your interview! How did it happen?

A recruiter called me and they said they wanted to have an interview within 3–4 days. That’s really short notice! …

Written by Helené van Tonder

Here’s a quick write-up about my journey with leap.club coaching so far. Other leap ladies seem to have questions and hesitancies similar to mine, so I’m hoping this could be helpful :)

Getting started

Even with the discounted rates, coaching is expensive. But don’t let the cost be the starting point of your decision making, I’d say. If you think you can benefit from coaching, book some chemistry sessions to check it out. That will put you in a better position to evaluate whether you want to invest money in this right now, or not.

I started…


a powerful private network of rising women leaders on a mission to smash the glass ceiling.

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