2022 marketing trends on our radar

the world of the internet has really transformed over the last decade. what used to be a tool for selling products or knowledge has now become our lifeline — our only source of communication. it’s not just about spreading yourself thin anymore, it’s about doing it right.

like everything else, change is constant when it comes to marketing. while some are significant, some are confined to specific platforms. but these trends continue to shape the world 🌎 and how we look at it.

while the digital world evolves every year, the previous year made us realise how the line between reality and the virtual world is blurring day by day. the biggest alterations were — content creators dominating social media, short form content > long form, digital dependency (nfts, metaverse etc.) and virtual events.

so whether you’re itching to change your strategy or you want to engage with your consumers better (gen-z especially, we’ve heard they are a handful 👀), it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and embrace the latest marketing trends!

  1. short form content

while the world shifted to the online realm during the pandemic, the content we started consuming increased massively. as per a report posted by hubspot, short form content is the second most efficient way to reach your customers. so, make sure you have their attention in the first 5 seconds (time is money!) 💰

2. metaverse

if there was an award for the most used word on the internet in 2021 (sorry unprecedented) it would be the metaverse. it’s going to be the next phase of digital marketing. an experience this immersive and interactive is bound to catch a marketer’s eyeballs. why should you care about this? imagine being in a virtual world where people are interacting with each other, conducting business and have digital assets (nfts). fascinating right? while metaverse is still in its infancy, there are going to be a lot of possibilities for marketing, so read up!

3. content creators

the influencer industry clocked $13.8 billion in 2021 and this is expected to grow in 2022. yep, they are as dominant (if not more) as covid strains. so if you plan to ride the next year with influencer marketing, remember to identify the problem first, the influencers you think will help solve it through their communication and lastly, make sure they’re speaking the same language as your brand.

4. hybrid events

who knew that we’d still be attending virtual meetings and sessions in 2022?! zoom. fatigue. is. real. but the upside? hybrid and virtual events give you the liberty to go beyond your geographical limitations. with the right tech in place and targeted events, you can expand your user base all over the world. win win right? 🎲 so next time you’re planning an event, make sure you make the best of both worlds!

5. social responsibility

have you noticed the rise of brands promoting their organic ingredients or cruelty-free products? gone are the days of luxury brands, millennials are openly biased to the brands that show their social responsibility and values to the community. it’s time to focus all your energies this year on your brand’s social purpose and making an impact 🌳

in the end, all we wanna say is — don’t overthink it! 🧠 there’s always going to be a new trend to keep up with so stay true to yourself!



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